Friday, 13 January 2012

Major Project!

With minor project complete we now move onto major!
For this project it is split into two sections.The first part is we have to recreate a existing film/tv show that we like and do it for either a different target audience or in a different style.The second section we have to recreate a title sequence, i am not sure what i'm going to do for that section yet.

My idea for the recreating of a film is to recreate the story of James Bond or the Bond films.I came up with the idea of doing Bond as a kid.With the title maybe being called James Bond Junior , but im not sure as of yet.I have always loved the Bond films and thought as i know so much about the films and characters id do a project about it. At the moment i am getting my research down and then i plan to start designing.

The characters i plan to design are..

James Bond 



Honey Ryder





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