Thursday, 5 January 2012

Objects In Backgrounds

As i made alot of objects to go in my backgrounds thought id save them as jpegs and post them on here.
 New York License Plate

Carls Voodoo Doll

Parrot And Skull


Danger Sign/Life Ring

Statue Of Liberty/Boat House

City/Mirror With Dice


Lin's Chinese Restaurant Logo

Chinese Lantern/Poster/Mat/Fuzz Cola Sign

Parking Meter/New York Taxis Sign/Newspaper Boxes/Street Sign

Air Vent/Flat Door/Flat Window/Drain/Street Sign

American Football/Skateboard/Apple/Fuzz Cola Can

Coat On Hook/Frame/Ash Tray/Book/Cds/Washing Machine/Jars

Swear Jar/Toaster/Notes

Idol Head

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