Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Title Sequence Idea

For the other half of our Major project we have design a title sequence for something of our choice.
I wasn't sure of what to do at first but now i have a good idea.
My idea is create a build up sequence or trailer for a match between Manchester United And Manchester City.I thought this would be a good idea as the rivalry between each team is very high now as both teams push to win the Premier League Title and to be the best in English football.There have been a few trailers made for the game and these were very tense and made you excited to see the game.I plan it to be intense and exciting and involve images from past games within it.

I will make silhouettes of  each image i will move for example

  • The teams badges 
  • The managers
  • The main players
  • Iconic moments
  • Titles 

Seeing as one teams colour is blue and the other red i can use this coloured code when displaying imagery from the teams
With imagery of United it will be Red 
With imagery of City it will be Blue

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