Friday, 9 March 2012

A few ideas for characters in situation !

Here are two ideas ive got for characters in situations

The first idea is of having Bond standing in the middle of the dessert holding a weapon acting cool as a massive explosion behind him goes off.This was inspired by this image from Quantum of Solace.
This isn't finished yet but gives you an idea!

The explosion will be on the left and i will give a glow from the explosion which will appear on the rocks and figure of Bond.

The second is also a scene from Quantum Of Solace where Bond jumps from a roof top into a window
Here is my work so far for both and also the images i am trying to recreate :)
Like my backgrounds for my Major project , i will make a few on Google Sketch Up to get it spot on!

This is the working progress so far.Added a few textures to the wall to make it look rough like a back street.Most of the image will be in shadow.

This is the image i was inspired by!

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