Friday, 18 May 2012

Final Hand In !!! WOOO!

Finally handed in my final major project !! woo ! very happy with the outcome and the amount of work i produced as well.Theres a lot i would change but hey ! its done now !

End of my 2nd year in uni its been a hard year but enjoyable.Here is my final major project :)


Has to be my favourite project of the year had such fun redesigning my favourite film series of all time.Loved them all coloured up and watching them come to life in there poses.The hard worked has payed off and im happy with my final submittal 

    Character Colour Grading 

Character turnarounds and construction turnarounds for head and body

Character Line ups

Final Poster

This has to be one of my favourite pieces for major project.Didnt take long to create and I feel it works well with the series and the overall theme of the series which is about Bond saving the world from evil.

Character Actions

I really liked my character actions and they look nice when coloured up.I decided to colour all my characters actions because im nuts! nah i felt i had good poses for them and creating them in illustrator i felt the need to colour them all because they were vector based.

James Bond Actions

Jaws Actions

Fluffy Actions

Odd job Actions

Character expressions

James Bond expressions

Jaws expressions

Fluffy expressions

Odd job expressions

In Situ 

I am really happy with my in situ shots the only thing i would say is that i should of done one for james bond and not two as the only in situs i submitted were for james bond.I had a really good one for blofeld and it was almost finished but i didn't have time to complete it so i had to submit these !

Venice Roof Jump -James Bond

James Bond Desert scene with explosion


These weapons were made to be used as props , they are realistic but go well with the style which is realistic.


These vehicles were made to be used as props , they are realistic but go well with the style which is realistic.

Collaboration - Animators assemble

I uploaded these finished before but i thought id upload them as a final post.I liked the whole idea we had for our collaboration project and i feel our designs all work well with eachother.I would play that game !!

Final collaboration work with everyone else's work

Title Sequence - Manchester United Vs Manchester City

I enjoyed doing the artwork for this project and really liked my idea, i am a bit disappointed though that my animatic wouldn't export from premier so all the hard work wasn't shown fully.In the end i had to record my screen on my mac and play the animatic on premier then save the recording as a quicktime file.Just shows that computers are useless !!!!!! and premier sucks !

Anyway did a lot of artwork for this project so here are the artworks used in the sequence.



Here is the storyboard for my sequence, as my animatic was playing up and taking for ever to load and didn't export i couldn't really work out the timing so i had to leave it out.

Ive submitted my work already today but im not sure where i saved the rest of my storyboard

Final Visuals

A few final visuals of what my animatic will look like


I will be pitching this idea for my title sequence on tuesday and this is what will be used in my pitch. As well as showing these visuals i will play some animation test to show how it will move.

So thats it ! its been a busy year and we've all worked really hard so i think i can safety say that its time for a bit of this 

and a bit of this 

ohhhhh and a bit of this 

Next stop year 3 in animation :)