Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Work Lined Up / Final Year In Uni

It's been a rubbish summer for weather but i've got back into drawing and enjoying it again!
I've done a lot of artworks over the summer which i am proud of some are completed but some unfinished.Most of these have been done for my new website (Link in a previous post).
Heres just a brief idea of work ive done and got lined up!

After deciding to make a new blog with just portraits or cartoon versions of people from all different types of media i made a cartoon version of my brother for his birthday (Also in a previous post).
After showing a few people whats on my new website and the artwork of my brother i've had a lot of people interested in me doing a cartoon for them.

I have two lined up at the moment one for my mates birthday and the other is private in case this is seen!

As for the portraits website its a bit slow starting.I have uploaded a few pieces of artwork already but nothing that is difficult!

A list of portraits i've done and got lined up

Done Portraits 

  • James Bond
  • Goldfinger
  • Jaws
  • Blofeld
  • Oddjob
  • EDF Energy Blob
  • Mysterio
  • Shuffle Bot
  • Kenny McCormick
  • Eric Cartman
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Pacman
  • My Brother Sean
  • The I'm With You Fly

Incomplete/Almost Done

  • Licker - Resident Evil 
  • Ironman
  • Harry Hill
  • Yoda - Star Wars
  • Anton Chigurh -No Country For Old Men
  • Jigsaw - SAW
  • Wayne Rooney - Footballer
  • Anthony Kiedis - RHCP
  • Fonejacker

And much more planned !

3rd Year In Uni

I'm excited for my final year in uni its gone so fast the last 2 years have flown by.I've learnt hell of a lot from the course i'm doing and i continue to learn new things.I'm looking forward to starting back fresh in September and getting back into working after having time off to relax.

I'm not sure of the projects we have this year but i know its gonna be a lot of work.I found that out last year.Over the summer i have had some ideas i could use for certain projects we may have, ive got some stories and characters i feel will be really fun to create and design.For now i will keep this idea secret until i use it but i'm excited about the idea and how broad i could go with it.

Its too soon to think about it yet but i have thought about doing a masters after my final year depending on my grades and my final overall mark.In a way its like school for me i loved school and i really enjoyed it but didnt like it when i left.Even though i was going to do something similar it was still a new start and a new and exciting experience.I would happily stay for a 4th year to do masters but we shall see how things pan out over the next year.

Sorry for the story like post !

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