Friday, 14 September 2012

Simon Retirement Present

Okey so i was going to do an artwork of the Inbetweeners as a final piece before i start back uni but yesterday i got asked to do a picture for someone and would get paid for it ! They are good friends of mine so i couldn't turn it down and i'm willing to do it anyway!

Basically my friend Rhy's dad is retiring at the end of this month and ive been asked to do a cartoon for him as a present.I have been given a picture of Rhy's father Simon riding his bike on a dusty path through a lane.It's a good picture but will be very challenging to do.
I have drawn out the background this morning and will be colouring it on photoshop as it will be much quicker than illustrator.Also i feel i haven't used Photoshop enough and need to be using it more to colour artworks in.The image of Simon riding the bike will be done on Illustrator to give him a cartoon look, this will also hopefully stand out from the background as they are done on different programs.
I have until the 30th to do this so i need to get cracking as it's a lot of work!
Here is the background drawn up i will begin colour soon and then upload completed versions when its complete :)

Here is Simon coloured up but without the bike( almost finished)

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