Tuesday, 16 October 2012

National Student Survey Completed !

Yesterday was our deadline for our first project of the year and yes it was very stressful as Flash sucks !
I am happy with the outcome of my animation but the quality wasn't the best for my final video but i couldn't help that.Here are a few sheets i handed in yesterday that included designs of my characters, backgrounds,  objects and storyboard.I would upload the final video but it takes to long to upload on here and you have limited space to use.I have upload both versions onto my Youtube channel.

National Student Survey Negative Side

National Student Survey Positive Side

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Flash Tests!

I have done a lot of tests in Flash and i've gotten to know the program much better now.I have upload a few of my test onto my channel on Youtube! Check it out !!!

Year 3 Flash Tests

Tomorrow i will be starting the second part of this project which is to produce a simple animation for the NCC.I have come up with the idea of having a student in the university cafe buying a sausage roll.He will take it to the counter to pay for it and the till will display £5.This idea to get across that everything is so expensive to buy these days and everything is going up in price so rapidly.After seeing this price displayed the student could either faint with shock,Slap his cheek with shock or a could use a basic camera shot which will zoom into his face showing his angry expression.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Year 3 -Flash Project/National Student Survey Animation

I have now started my 3rd and final year in Animation and i am looking forward to it even though its going to be tough and a lot of work involved.On Monday i was given my first brief!!!
We have been given a two week project to complete which is split into two sections.These two projects both involving using the Adobe program Flash.We will be using it to animate in.For the first week we basically have to research and teach ourselves how to use Adobe Flash.Its also to recap on the program as ive used it before in the past.The aim is to learn new methods by watching online tutorials and then make a series of test on what we have learnt.To go with this we have to put together a research journal that we will use to write down useful bits of information and links to video tutorials we used.I know the basics but i need to remind myself by looking at tutorials online.Although i am a designer or artist i need to become familiar with the software as when im in industry i may be asked to use it and it is a useful tool for any animator or artist to have and be able to use.
The second week we have been asked to design and make a 10-15 second short animated sequence.This short clip will be used to encourage students to fill in the National Student Survey (NSS) forms in.This project gives us a chance to collaborate with other students within my course to put this short animation together.I am looking forward to this part of the project and will upload any work that i have , including designs etc.
It is also a good opportunity for our work to be chosen to be used for displaying on tvs in University Of Glamorgan campus :) 
Sounds good to me !!!!