Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hello 2013!!!

Its 2013 a new year !
Well the christmas hols went to fast I have to admit but im back in uni now and ready for the last few months of my degree.I have a new and exciting brief for the final project of my 3rd and surprisingly I already have an idea! We again have to create an idea for a series or film and then pitch the idea.Theres going to be a lot of hard work involved to up the game from my last project and I pushed myself even more on that project!... so on with my idea!

"I have an idea of designing a series, which will have animals as superheroes. They would live on earth but replacing the humans with animals. The idea is that for each country around the global there are superheroes from each one that protect that country, they will all have different powers and are based on animals known for being from that country. I have come up with a list of possible countries I could use and a list of animals I could use as well. Like Marvel there are good superheroes and bad. I will design 2 villain characters and 4 heroes.
I wanted to design a series about animals, as I haven’t done a project based on them. My characters in the past have been mainly human so I fancied giving designing animals a go.
This idea has been inspired a bit by the recent film Avengers Assemble. I thought making a series about superheroes can be very broad and I can work with a lot of different things like the elements so drawing fire / water etc. for their superpowers. As well as designing the animals I will have to design their suits as well and even the logo they have. I want to have each animals suit in some way designed to represent their country so if that’s using the flags colours in the suit or using something from the flags design like a star I can incorporate it into the animals suit. With it being set in 4/5 different countries I can create a mixture of backgrounds in the city environment and the wild or country.
I will need to gather a lot of research to cover these different areas and look into the animals I can have from each country. Once I’ve chosen them I can then design the suits by getting researching of Marvel superheroes.

The story would be about a team of superheroes that will be called together to fight against an evil group of Villain super heroes. Each animal has their own unique power and they come from different countries. There will be a number of villains who have superpowers.
Their job is to stop all the villains who work for an organisation as well as trying to find out who the leader is.
It turns out that the leader of the villains is the president of the United States of America and this leads to an even bigger global threat. " 

Sound good ?  well ill be uploading work as soon as i have some so look out for it !

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