Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Still designing...Panda Concepts!

4 weeks into my final project and the work is slowly coming together nicely. I still have a few more designs to do for characters and will start to design my eagle character tomorrow.For now I have been starting to design the panda superhero, I have done a few pencil drawings of this character but wont be uploading them until I have them completed on design sheets.I do have something to show though! and its a digital concept I have done of the panda superhero.I have also done the same character but as a child.I did this to show that he has always wanted to be a superhero and it was his dream one day to be the most well known superhero in China.I really like this design and by doing these digital concepts it has helped me visualise the look of the character I want.Here are the digital artworks.

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