Friday, 25 October 2013

New Business Idea! T-Shirt Graphics!

I haven't posted any work on here in so long! One reason is because i've been so busy doing work for companies and I can't upload any of this work onto my blog yet until its officially been released for the  public to see! So to all the people who thought i'd flown to the other side of the universe..don't worry i'm still on earth!!

I've been busy doing a number of backgrounds and character work, and when I am able to I will put the work up on here for you to see what ive been up to!

As for my own personal work..
I've started getting back into doing my own work again when I'm not doing work for a company.I have come up with a great idea that i've been thinking about doing for years now which is having my own graphics business.The idea is that I will make cartoon graphics which can be used for art on t shirts as well as anything else I can think of.

I've been very excited about starting this for a while now and it's something I can keep doing while i'm  not working for a client or in my spare time .I plan to create another website which will feature these graphics on and these will be available to buy on that site.As its early days yet I have done about 3 pages of rough ideas for graphics.Once my websites up and running with about 10 designs on Ill post the link on here for you guys to check that out!

Peace out...for now!!!

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