Saturday, 2 August 2014

Back using my old friend....The lightbox!!

I haven't used my light box in a few months so thought id get the old friend back out to work on some sketches I drew a while ago.I have a lot of drawings in my sketchbooks which id like to finish off nicely as well as colouring them up digitally.The picture you see below is of a work in process of a drawing i did about 3 years now but never really finished it.I decided to take the drawing and redraw it just to finish it off and change it slightly.This is a character known as the Licker from the Resident Evil games.


After taking my time redrawing the sketch and adding some extra detail I then added a thick black line around the drawing to bring it out from the page.I really miss doing really detailed drawings now as I work in very simple style in work so its nice to keep my own work up.I do post a lot of drawings of existing characters but i do have some designs of my own designed characters hiding away in my sketchbooks so I will try to fish them out very soon!.

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