Saturday, 24 January 2015


Hey guys! I did this illustration of Wayne Rooney a few months back based on the style of the Mr Bean cartoon but this time I've done him in his United kit!! I prefer coloured line work so went with that instead of doing black line work

Walter White to follow!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Work for Sun And Moon Studios - 'Kids & Divorce' & 'Eye Can Fly'

At the beginning of 2014 I got my 2nd job in the animation industry which was working as a design/illustrator for Sun and Moon Studios in Bristol.I have now been told it is fine to upload the work I produced there so here it is!

Heres the link to their website! -

The studio is a great place to work and also has a great bunch of people working there! I spent almost 3 months there before I had to leave to move up to London to work on the New Mr Bean Animated Series. The great thing about this job was that it wasn't to far to commute from home everyday which is always a plus!

During my time with them I worked on a few projects which have now been made public.These two projects are games/apps which are now avavible in the app store to buy.I did some illustrations for 'Kids & Divorce' And also designs on a great project called 'Eye Can Fly!

'Kids & Divorce' 

Heres a few images I found online of the finished game:

Heres a link to a promotional video on Youtube about the app :

Heres the app description....

'Kids & Divorce' is designed for children aged 4-11 and their parents, K&D is fun to play; using creative story making, it provides kids and parents with a framework to explore their feelings about family events and helps plan the future ahead. Its a helpful app designed to help kids and families who are going through the difficulties of divorce, separation and family reorganisation.


My 1st job on this project was to design logos for an area of the app where the child uses these icons to show how they get to and from their parents houses.These would be used as icons either to press or to move around the screen.

By walking

By train


Dads House

Mums House

By motorcycle

By plane

By bike

By car

By bus

This logo was used in the app to click on when the player wanted to take a picture of the screen to save.

Heres some screen shot examples of my icons in the app itself!

Monsters Room Objects

The next job was to create some objects which would placed in an environment.The idea was that there was a monster in the middle of the screen which would get angry and smash up these objects within the room.Because of this I had to design 4 objects when they're normal and when they were broken by the monster.

Heres the objects before they get broken

Heres the objects after the monster gets angry

Heres a screen shot of how the objects looked within the environment.This environment and the monster were created by another artist within the company and were given to me for reference of where to position the objects.

Below are the illustrations of each object before and after

Bedroom Objects

Continuing with objects and props I moved on to a different section of the app which allows the player to create their own room with a load of different props to choose from.As both boys and girls would be using the app, I designed props for both genders.To give the players even more choice I made each object in a variety of different colours and also styles.

Here are just some small objects that could be placed around the room.

I designed a few different cupboards and bed side tables 

A few different styles of windows for the room

Different style curtains and blinds

Work desks

Different style chairs 

Different posters for boys or girls to be placed anywhere in the room



Here are some close ups of the illustrations I created for this room

Altogether there were around 150 to 200 different items to choose from once these were made in a variety of different colour ways

Heres some screen shot examples of my icons in the app itself!

Eye Can Fly

The 2nd project I worked on was called "Eye Can Fly"

Heres the games description..

Fly your blimp, rescue plane, jet and even a very big chicken around picturesque locations whilst learning skills such as compass directions, local and worldwide geography. Unlock fun mini games, explore the scenes at your leisure or pop balloons as you watch your craft fly on auto pilot.
A range of options allows Eye Can Fly’s controls and difficulty levels to be tailored to suit the needs of individual players. In addition to eye gaze, Eye Can Fly can be controlled with a mouse, keyboard or switch access.

Heres a few screen shots taken from the complete game

Heres the link to the promotional video...


For this project I had to design a lot of different things like vehicles, props, islands and buildings.The first thing i did for this project was to design a variety of different flying vehicles.I created a few pages of pencil drawings of hot area balloons and planes.

A few days after giving the designs to the 3D artists I was given a 3D model of the plane that would be used in the game.I had to do a coloured up illustrated version of the plane that would be used in one of the menus and as a promotion image.

Heres the plan in action flying above the world map I created 


This character was designed by an artist within the company and I was simple asked to outline and colour up the pencil drawing.This is the main character you control in the game

Field Level Design

In the game you fly around 3 different locations doing different tasks.One of the locations was a large farm.I was asked to design the layout of the farm roughly to give to the 3D artists to build.The idea of the game is to direct the plane or hot air balloon around a map to help teach kids directions.I was given a list of different areas of the farm,in which I had to design each one seperatly.The area is set up so that each area you have to travel to is placed either North,South,East or West and also North East etc.

Below is an example I created to give to the 3D artist.

Heres an example of the farm level finished in 3D

Island Level Design

The second area players can play is on an island.Like the farm level there were a list of areas I had to design first.I designed each main building as well as doing a few designs for the mountain and island.Heres an rough example I gave to the 3D artist so they could see where everything had to be when it was built.

I did a few birds eye views of areas of the map to give to the 3D artist to show them the layouts.The first example here is of the football stadium and the second is of a supermarket.

World Map Illustration

The 3rd and final area you travel to in the game is the whole world!

As the 3D artist had to build this from scratch I did a more basic illustrated version of the world map indicating the gradients of landscapes.The green areas would simply be hills and smaller mountains where as the darker areas would be larger mountains.

I also had to do a bit of Geography and label all the continents and main areas of interest like the tallest mountains in the world etc.

 Cities Of The World

When flying around the world in this level the player has to travel from 6 different cities.
These include:

New York
Sao Paulo

These are chosen as they're the largest.

Now because the player will be flying around these cities they needed to have iconic landmarks on each one so the player would know that it was the right city they were flying to.Below are some basic illustrated versions of each of the 6 cities on the game.

Heres an example of how they look within the game menus


Once the 3D artist had built the 3D models of each city I had to created some texture sheets so they could be used to place on the 3D models.Below is a screen shot I was given to show me how they look on the 3D model.This 3D model was created by an artist within the company.

Rough design layout of Tokyo

Sao Paulo

This 3D model was created by an artist within the company.

                                                          Rough design layout of Sao Paulo


This 3D model was created by an artist within the company.

 Rough design layout of Lagos

Building Texturing 

Here are some other building textures used for each city


This 3D model was created by an artist within the company.

 Rough design layout of Paris

New York

This 3D model was created by an artist within the company.

 Rough design layout of New York


This 3D model was created by an artist within the company.

                                                       Rough design layout of Sao Paulo

I really enjoyed my time working at Sun and Moon studios.Id like to thank Dylan , Louis , Lindsay and the team for making me feel welcome.Hopefully get to work with them again some time in the near future!