Monday, 16 February 2015

My 1st credit! Mr Bean Animated Series 2!

Today was the release of the new Mr Bean animated series which I've been working as a designer on for the past year! This is a proud moment for me as now have my name in the credits! So cool to see my own name on TV especially on something I loved as a child! 

If you would like to check out this amazing new series you can watch the new episodes all this week on CITV at 9 15 am and 4 15 pm :) If you missed it you can always watch it on ITV player!

Tomorrows is a episode called "Coconut Shy" which was the 1st episode I worked on so its pretty special to me :)

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The New Mr Bean Animated Series!!!!

Soooooooo the wait is finally over!.......The New Mr Bean Animated Series which I've been a designer on for the past year is airing its 1st episode tomorrow on CITV! Ive had the honour of working with a great bunch of extremely talented people who make this amazing job even better! A lot of hard work has gone into making this series and I hope you all love it! 

But thats not we are still currently working on episodes that will be released at a later date which are amazing! 
So make sure you check this out!!! Tell your family , friends , pets , Nans and Grandads and even Paul who owns the corner shop down the road! You might even see my name in the credits wink emoticon